Chilliwack Mountain

December 28, 2019

Chilliwack Mountain

Daniele contacted me to commission a painting of her parents’ home, which had recently been sold. The house was on a gorgeous acreage situated on Chilliwack Mountain in B.C. and had been the family home for many years.

I included a lot of details that made the house “home”, including clematis flowers climbing up the trellis, an ornamental sun hanging on the side, and the address of the home. Upon learning that Daniele’s mom had a soft spot for the late-night bandit racoons, we decided to add a few to the painting for that extra-special element.

Daniele’s family had planned a large family gathering in Harrison Hot Springs to celebrate Christmas, and the plan was to give the finished painting to her folks at that time. They commissioned my largest size, 11 x 14, which gave ample room for a sunny blue sky and the trees backing the home, which were characteristic of the property. The painting was finished in time and given to her parents as planned.

“I cannot thank you ENOUGH. The house turned out so beautifully. We are all in awe of your incredible talent. You captured our home so perfectly and showed off its brightness and spirit. There were MANY tears shed and it will be so special for all of us as this special place leaves our care in the coming year. It was also lovely to see how many other extended family members and friends were also moved to tears by it. That house has touched so many. It is a very special and sacred space to us. You have given us a truly wonderful gift.”

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