September 2, 2017


Sarah contacted me when she learned that her mom's cat Ducati - or "Kotti" for short - was quite sick and needed to be put down. Her mom was wrecked over the circumstance. Sarah thoughtfully sought to gift her mom a pet portrait of Kotti to help her in her grief.

Kotti was a striking cat and the pictures submitted to me showcased well her green eyes and grey and white colouring. I experienced a surprising intensity while working on her classic cat eyes, which seemed fixated on me during the artistic process. Ducati really seemed alive on my paper and her eyes blazed into me. It was an unusual experience, which was uniquely felt while working on this portrait.

I finished up the painting, along with the other two Sarah had commissioned, making a nice a series of three pet portraits. I mailed them off to Sarah.

"Wow. Amazing. I've been looking at these paintings all day. You've an incredible talent. Thank you so much for such beautiful gifts. Xo"

To see the other paintings in this series, see the blog post on "Minos" and "Kotti and Minos".

NOTE: Kotti has been made into a greeting card which is available for purchase for all you pet-lovers out there.

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