Jordan & Jade's home

March 31, 2021

Jordan & Jade's home

This home portrait was the third and final in a series of three home portraits commissioned by Jordan. (To hear the back story on how these commissions came about, see the blog post “Jade’s home”.

This painting is of Jordan & Jade’s first home together. Their home was the centre, brick townhouse. Consideration was given to making this a vertical painting, zeroing in more precisely on the centre home, but the context of the block with the surrounding landscape added to the composition and I opted to leave it horizontal, thus matching the other two paintings.

“Katrina! Wow! I am amazed by the paintings. They’re so beautifully done and just bring so much joy to my heart seeing our homes come together like this ❤️❤️ Thank you so much for doing these!”

To see the third painting in this series, see “Jordan home”

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