Jordan's home, Port Coquitlam

March 30, 2021

Jordan's home, Port Coquitlam

This home portrait was the second in a series of three home portraits commissioned by Jordan. (To hear the back story on how these commissions came about, see the blog post “Jade’s home”.

This painting is of Jordan’s childhood home in Port Coquitlam. We had a bit of back and forth on the reference photo for this house as the trim had been painted in recent years and Jordan wanted the grey-coloured trim from the time when he lived there. As grey has quite a spectrum, I had Jordan dig up an extra photo from his childhood so I could picture it accurately and mix the shade precisely. He also described some of the flowers he remembered from when he lived there, which although weren’t shown in the reference photos, his description allowed me to include these small pops of colour.

This third Home Portrait is of Jordan & Jade’s first home together. Their home was the centre, brick townhouse. Consideration was given to making this a vertical painting, zeroing in more precisely on the centre home, but the context of the block with the surrounding landscape added to the composition and I opted to leave it horizontal, thus matching the other two paintings.

“Katrina! Wow! I am amazed by the paintings. They’re so beautifully done and just bring so much joy to my heart seeing our homes come together like this ❤️❤️Thank you so much for doing these!”

To see the other third painting in this series, see “Jordan & Jade’s home”

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