March 10, 2019


Magdalen reached out to me about doing a pet portrait of Maki, the family cat who had been put down the year prior. She noticied her Dad commenting a lot on missing Maki, saying “He took it really hard when we had to put the old girl down last year, and I know he would really cherish a picture of her." With his birthday ahead, Magdalen decided a pet portrait would make the perfect gift.

We decided on a 6 x 8 for the portrait and she gathered some photos for me. Maki had really beautiful colouring with dramatic black and white hair mixed with oranges of several different shades. Her colouring was punctauted by beautiful green eyes, with light green around the edges, and dark green towards the centre.

The portrait was a hit with her dad, and has made for a cherished keepsake.

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