Old Fraser Bridge, Quesnel

June 8, 2021

Old Fraser Bridge, Quesnel

If you commute for work, is there a particular part of your inbound / outbound journey that you look forward to? I used to cross the Port Mann Bridge for work, and always loved driving into the converging angles of the white cable system surrounding me. Another bridge located in our beautiful province is the Old Fraser Bridge. Although I haven't personally visited it, this bridge held value for another.

Anjuli reached out to commission me to paint this bridge located in Quesnel, B.C. Her boyfriend Travis (now husband), often biked across this bridge when en route to work, and he loved the views from it. He commented as much to Anjuli, who kept this nugget of info tucked away safely in her mind. A few months later, with his birthday fast approaching, she commissioned a 6 x 8" watercolour sketch of Travis's favourite spot to make an extra-special and thoughtful birthday gift.

After supplying me with a few reference photos, we landed on one taken from within the bridge itself, showcasing it's unique beam structure and pulling the viewer in with the enticing converging lines. To make it extra special, I sketched Travis into the painting, on his bike.

I always include a Certificate of Authenticity with a commission, which among other things, includes the title of the art piece. Anjuli requested we title it “The Crossing", which was fitting for obvious reasons, but also because the name “Travis" is derived from the French word “traverser", meaning “to cross”. This meaning held significance for Travis on a number of levels, and made for the perfect title. All around, it made for a very thoughtful gift, which was well appreciated.

"Thanks again for The Crossing painting!" Anjuli wrote to me upon receiving it. “I love how you captured the bridge, the sky and river, and the silhouette of Travis on the bike."

Is there a special location from your life that you'd like a keepsake of? Drop me a line. I'd love to paint it.

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