Vancouver Home

December 10, 2019

Vancouver Home

Amanda reached out to me a few months before Christmas with a special gift in mind writing, “My parents have lived in the same house for over 40 years and I'd love to get them a painting for Christmas.” We settled on a 9 x 12” painting.

This charming yellow house in Vancouver has a beautiful walkway up to the front door, with surrounding shrubs adding to its picturesque nature. One technique used in watercolour to give the effect of texture on stone or rock is to grind salt onto the watercolour paint as it dries. I used that effect on the front walkway. I finished the painting and mailed it off to Amanda in time for the holidays.

“Katrina!!! It came and I was so excited to see it poking out of my mailbox. It is absolutely PERFECT. I thought my dad was going to get teary, but I was surprised that I actually did when I opened it up. It's my childhood home and where Eddie and I had our wedding reception and you just captured that cozy feeling I have about it perfectly. Thank you for sharing your talent with us. Can’t wait to give it to my parents!”

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