It is an honour to capture a personal story in a painting.

The best response I get upon delivering a commission is tears. Tears signify that I struck a chord; that I captured an essence known to the recipient. That I did my job as an artist and was attentive to detail, persistent in mixing the precise shade of colour needed, and able through my brush and pen strokes to transform a memory into a piece of art.

Two themes of commissions have emerged over the years: Home Portraits and Pet Portraits.

Home Portraits

Home portraits capture years of life spent with loved ones. They capture dreams realized. Clients submit photos of a home to me by email. Multiple photos taken from multiple angles provide a range of reference. Capturing the surrounding context – the big tree in the front yard, the fence lining the property, the adjacent telephone pole – it all adds context. Provide more context than less, and through discussion we can settle on what to include in the painting.

Don’t have any photos? Not a problem. I’ve painted a number of home portraits using Google Street View for clients unable to locate pictures of a childhood home. The recommended minimum size for a home portrait is 8x10.

“I cannot thank you ENOUGH. The house turned out so beautifully. You captured our home so perfectly ...Happy #watercolourwednesday ! A delightful and cheerful #homeportrait commissioned for the holiday s...A #homeportrait that someone special received this Christmas. Located in a Toronto suburb, even when...Suuumbody’s getting a great gift! 🎁 Another #homeportrait delivered to the mortgage group for one o...A recent commission of a home in Abbotsford, BC, for the mortgage group. What would your emoji respo...This 6x8 commission will be given as a wedding gift. The Mr & Mrs asked for gifts that supported loc...Farmhouse. For me, this was an incredibly special commission that I was asked to do for my dear Oma’...An 8x10 #homeportrait from the holidays that I did for a customer who really valued supporting local...

Pet Portraits

A pet is like another member of the family. Who but the family can recall with fondness the rambunctious puppy years, sassy swing of a cat tail, or just comfort of their presence? Sometimes your pet is truly the best company.

Clients should submit multiple photos. Clear photos taken with good natural light are best to showcase the colour of the fur/hair Be sure to send a photo capturing the eyes and avoid sending photos taken with a flash. The recommended minimum size for a pet portrait is 6x8.

“Katrina! WOW! We received your incredible painting yesterday. THANK YOU so much, it was such a spec...Maki. This striking cat has been missed by its family since passing away and was especially beloved ...The customer who commissioned this had it made for a friend who’d lost their dog named Cody. The fee...I was commissioned to paint “Becky” a few weeks back for a special someone’s birthday. 🎉 to Kim! An...“For my 40th birthday I received such a meaningful and beautiful gift. My mom, Ruth, commissioned my...Any horse lovers out there?? (My own horse craze phase was from age 10-12, but I still find them rem...“My dad cried when he saw the portrait! Everyone in the family loves it ❤️ you did an amazing job, t...The last in a series of three commissions that now make their home in Alberta. A few weeks ago I pos...


Corporations or small business owners are welcome to submit imagery or a detailed concept of what they would like captured through watercolour sketching. In addition to the original, replicates of the painting in print material or digital format are available for a licensing fee. Below are a few corporate customers that I have worked with.

Great working again with #elimvillage on a special project. I was asked to include “the building, th...Creating a montage was a first for me, but I found this to be a very rewarding piece to work on.  A ...Life has been quite preoccupied the last few months, so I was very happy to get my creative edge on ...Soooo many yes-es on this one! Delaine visited my vendor booth at a local market a few months back a...

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