Realtor Gift, Abbotsford Home

March 17, 2023

Realtor Gift, Abbotsford Home

A local realtor reached out to me through Instagram, curious about my commissions. Her realtor group had recently sold the home of a lovely elderly couple, who had custom built their house 30 years prior. Given the extra love and investment felt towards a home that one has not only lived in for three decades, but actually designed and built, Lori was looking for that extra-special realtor gift for her clients. An original piece of art was just the ticket.

After some back and forth on the perfect angle, I prepared to get started on this 8x10 home portrait. Lori reached out once more with a few more ideas on how to personalize the piece even more; could I add a sunset? Her clients had mentioned a number of times how the view and beautiful sunsets would be sorely missed. And could I include the address and date of establishment in the piece somehow?

You bet, Lori.

I love when customers really shine in thoughtfulness. These types of details show that someone has been listening and observing, and it just takes an already custom piece to the next level. The elderly couple noticed, and truly loved their gift.

"Thanks Katrina Dawn for this beautiful painting and special keepsake for our clients. 😍 They absolutely Loved it!" 💕

Reference Photo
Local Abbotsford realtor, Lori, commissioned this 8x10 Home Portrait as a realtor gift for her clients, whose home she had recently sold.  Finished Painting
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