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What a month! To start, I’ve identified a favourite painting from each week (I’d love to hear your f...Day 28. The final day. 

This last painting is of a scene from San Miguel Escobar, a town in Guatema...Day 27. Artist inspo is @dtai_hansathit 

Drippies are back! Combo of styles here in this penultimat...Day 26. I can’t in good faith tag my artist inspo for the week, because I don’t have enough drippies...Day 25. Artist inspo is @dtai_hansathit 

I’m always drawn to exterior staircases like this one on o...Day 24. Artist inspo this week is @dtai_hansathit 

I made a few decisions with today’s piece: #1. I...Day 23. Artist inspo this week is @dtai_hansathit 

Drippies! I was a bit more successful today. You...Day 22. New artist inspo this week is @dtai_hansathit 

This artist is a great example of someone wh...Day 21. Artist inspo is @housesketcher 

Would you believe that the building pictured here is not ac...Day 20. Artist inspo is @housesketcher 

This is where my grandma lives. That bottom unit with the p...Day 19. Artist inspo is @housesketcher 

This is my aunt’s house. Look at that red door POP!

Houses...Day 18. Artist inspo is @housesketcher 

My brother-in-law sent through these shots of their place w...Day 17. Artist inspo is @housesketcher 

How darlin’ is this house? My sister-in-law is an interior ...Day 16. Artist inspo is @housesketcher 
Today’s sketch is of my sister’s home. It is so sunny and ...Day 15. Artist inspo this week is the amazing @housesketcher 

Albert Kiefer, aka ‘House Sketcher’, ...⭐️ G I V E A W A Y ⭐️

Enter to win one of my daily sketches! Contest open until tomorrow, Feb 15 at...Day 14. Last day of inspo coming from @captain_tom 😩
A while back (maybe a year?) Tom did this wh...Day 13. I could not do a week of art inspired by @captain_tom without painting a motorcycle. The man...Day 12. The downtown Abbotsford series continues, with style inspiration coming from @captain_tom 
....Day 11. Artist inspo for the week is @captain_tom 
Mmm-hmmm. Mmm-hm-mm-hm-mm-hmm. I’m feelin’ this...


Katrina’s interpretation of my horse ‘Safiro’ is incredible. The feel of that moment the photo was taken is there. But for me, it’s his face. A horse’s eyes are his most important feature, and that feature was captured perfectly!


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