Pet Portrait of Yorkie, watercolour sketch by artist Katrina Dawn

Sometimes you don't need a reason to give a gift. You just love someone, and it brings you joy to bring them joy. Those surprise, out-of-the-blue gifts are sometimes the most special, and that's what this Pet Portrait was all about.

Heidi responded to one of my email promotions offering a special discount available exclusively to subscribers (side note - if it interests you to get in on similar deals in the future, become a subscriber yourself!) She had been thinking for a while to gift a Pet Portrait to her daughter, who had recently lost her beloved Yorkie named Kessel. We landed on a size, and Heidi got to work sourcing photos (secretly of course).

Heidi sleuthed her daughter's Facebook account and found several great reference photos. We landed on the one pictured below. I always appreciate when multiple photos are sent through, so I can get an accurate sense of colouring. The photo of Kessel here is a bit over-exposed and blows out her actual colouring, making her fur look lighter than it actually was. Other reference photos showed that his coat was a much deeper copper, so I took the expression, posture, and plaid jacket from this one photo, and supplemented it with the others to get the colouration correct. Once complete, I mailed the finished 8x8" painting off to Heidi.

"Hi Katrina. Got some extremely happy mail today. Mere words cannot describe how absolutely beautiful the painting is of Kessel. You captured his look so perfectly. It brought tears to my eyes. I'm seeing that daughter on the weekend. I'll let you know what she says. Thank you once again for capturing this memory forever."

I just love receiving emails like this. Sometimes I get bonus emails, if the customer thinks to email back with the response of the recipient, which Heidi did! (Thanks Heidi)

"Gave my daughter the painting of Kessel today. Once again there were tears of joy. She was totally surprised. The painting of him wearing his special little coat was an added delightful detail. They will treasure this painting for many years to come. I'm sending a huge hug."

Is there someone in your life you'd like to surprise with an extra special, meaningful gift? Drop me line, I'd love to be involved.

Reference photo of Yorkie for Pet Portrait Reference Photo
Pet Portrait of Yorkie, watercolour sketch by artist Katrina Dawn Finished Painting