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Zamboni Commissions

April 27, 2022

My husband and I recently went to watch the Vancouver Canucks' farm team play, and as we sat in the arena, watching the zamboni cruise…

Business Commissions

Becky's Home, Abbotsford, B.C.

December 23, 2021

Becky and her husband raised their family of five together in their first home in Abbotsford, B.C. Mid-2021 they sold their house after more…

Home portrait

Jordan & Jade's home

March 31, 2021

This home portrait was the third and final in a series of three home portraits commissioned by Jordan. (To hear the back story on how these…

Home portrait

Jordan's home, Port Coquitlam

March 30, 2021

This home portrait was the second in a series of three home portraits commissioned by Jordan. (To hear the back story on how these…

Home portrait

Jade's home, Port Coquitlam

March 29, 2021

Jordan discovered my work on Instagram when a friend tagged him in a giveaway I was doing. He had the idea to commission me to do three home…

Home portrait


March 27, 2021

Meet Trudy. Trudy was a much beloved Westie, living with her owners for many happy years. Unfortunately she got cancer and had to be put…

Pet Portrait

Global Shore, Guatemala

October 7, 2020

Global Shore Opportunities is a not-for-profit organization working in El Tizate, Guatemala. It's mission is to transform Guatemala through…

Business Commissions

Brick House, Ontario

September 21, 2020

Julie’s birthday was coming up. Her husband, Ken, wanted to mark the occasion in a special way and commissioned a painting of their home…

Home portrait

Chilliwack Mountain

December 28, 2019

Daniele contacted me to commission a painting of her parents’ home, which had recently been sold. The house was on a gorgeous acreage…

Home portrait

Vancouver Home

December 10, 2019

Amanda reached out to me a few months before Christmas with a special gift in mind writing, “My parents have lived in the same house for…

Home portrait

Family's First Home, Abbotsford

October 15, 2019

A mortgage broker contacted me to do a home portrait for his clients. The home pictured here was the couple’s first home, where they raised…

Home portrait


April 11, 2019

Meet Venture. Venture belonged to Darcie and Mitch. Darcie commissioned a pet portrait of Venture as a surprise for Mitch's birthday. They…

Pet Portrait


March 10, 2019

Magdalen reached out to me about doing a pet portrait of Maki, the family cat who had been put down the year prior. She noticied her Dad…

Pet Portrait

Farmhouse, Pincher Creek

March 5, 2019

This painting was a gift for a 90th birthday. It was commissioned by daughter Marlene, who is my aunt, making the recipient my Oma. You can…

Home portrait

Condominium building

August 15, 2018

A local mortgage broker contacted me to do a home portrait for one of his clients who had bought their first home and purchased their…

Home portrait

Abbotsford Home

July 5, 2018

A mortgage broker reached out to me to paint a home portrait of this gorgeous house in Abbotsford, situated on a quiet cul-de-sac. Although…

Home portrait

Garden Bay, Sunshine Coast

May 12, 2018

David contacted me to paint his summer home up in Garden Bay on the Sunshine Coast, B.C. He wanted a painting to hang in his Surrey home as…

Home portrait


January 11, 2018

Meet Safiro. Robert reached out to me to inquire if I could do a pet portrait of a horse - a subject matter I had not done to date. The…

Pet Portrait


December 27, 2017

Meet Gizmo. "Losing a family pet of 17 years is devastating, but the brightest spot during our time of grief was receiving Kat's portrait…

Pet Portrait

Shirley's home, Langley B.C.

November 15, 2017

I met Shirley at the Abbotsford Farm & Country Market. We were both vendors and our booths were adjacent to each other’s. We got along quite…

Home portrait

Into Chocolate

November 9, 2017

Earlier in my artist journey, you could often find me as a vendor at various local markets in the Fraser Valley. (Anybody love a good market…

Business Commissions


September 2, 2017

Sarah contacted me when she learned that her mom's cat Ducati - or "Kotti" for short - was quite sick and needed to be put down. Her mom was…

Pet Portrait


September 2, 2017

This is the second of three pet portraits completed for a woman in Alberta who lost one of her cats, Kotti, to sickness. This is her other…

Pet Portrait

Kotti & Minos

August 31, 2017

This is the third portait in a series of three; the first was "Ducati", the second "Minos", and the final here is a pet portrait of the two…

Pet Portrait